How To Plan The Perfect Driveway


Before you even consider hiring a driveway paving contractor, like, in Florida, there are a few important things to take on board.

Top of this list is the climate. The area that you live in and the weather you experience is a paramount consideration.

For most of our readers, the road surface they require will be one which needs to withstand the hot and dry conditions of the Florida summer.

This will mean choosing the right paving material and protecting it properly against everything that the sun has to throw at it.

Your budgetary considerations are naturally going to be high on your list of importance. This will influence they type of job and crucially, the material, you choose for the job.

Spare a thought for the time you have available for this driveway. This will influence the type of surface you want to install.

Is it important to you that you can drive on it straight away? Or are you happy to wait for the driveway to dry?

Also, what about the maintenance? Do you want as little work as possible, or are you happy for a slightly more ‘high maintenance’ product, if it ticks the right boxes.

Other things you might think about are your accessibility to the street and also, whether you want a garden or lawn on this driveway.


There are several materials you can choose for your driveway project. They are not limited to the following options, but they are some of the most popular.


This is one of the cheaper materials to use, so if you are looking for an inexpensive option, then gravel might be the one for you.

Pros include that it is easy to repair – you just replace it with some more. It is resistant to oil stains and will not cause slippage. It is also resilient to salt.

On the downside, it isn’t great to clear the snow off, can get rather messy and is not the strongest substance to use.


Asphalt is a perennial favorite for homeowners everywhere.

There are a wide number of asphalt paving contractors in Florida who can lay your driveway for you, to your exact specifications.

Although it will need sealcoating to protect it against the hot Florida sunshine, asphalt is an enduring product which will last twenty or thirty years, if well maintained.

Asphalt does however need careful maintenance, to stop it developing holes and cracks. But over its lifespan, it is good value for money.


Concrete is also another popular material and can come in poured or stamped, as well as in pavers.

One advantage it has over asphalt, is it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

It is also strong and reasonably priced.

However, it will need some looking after and is prone to cracking – especially in extremely cold weather.


For an extra bit of class, brick is the material to deliver.

Its strengths are its shine and the wide variety of colors and designs it can come in.

So, if you want to get creative, you can definitely do it with a brick driveway.

However, this is one surface you will definitely need the help of a driveway paving contractor in Florida, as it is a highly specialized job which requires an expert.


The kind of driveway design you opt for will probably depend on the sort of surface you pick. But some things to consider are;


Using gently curved lines, rather than straight ones, can add a decorative twist to a driveway that straight lines might lack.


The use of evergreen plants, which require little maintenance, are an ideal choice for the reluctant gardener.

They can also be used to provide additional drainage and soften the hard edges of a driveway.