Design It Right – The Lighting For Your New Build

Building the bricks and mortar of your new home is just the start. Now you have to do more than just create the outer shell.

It also needs a soul. And that comes with the lighting.

If you were just planning on sticking a couple of ceiling light fittings in per room, then stop right now.

Getting the lighting right can make the difference between an okay new build or a home that can wow.

There is more than one type of lighting and ideally, each room should have a mixture of different styles.


Task lighting is the basic lighting needed to be able to see properly.

All rooms will need a certain amount of practical lighting, that is bright enough to perform vital tasks in. However, some rooms need more than others.

Rooms which need extra task lighting are the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchens might use extra spotlighting for activities such as food prep and washing up. These could be positioned under the kitchen units and on the walls, for close up clarity.

Bathrooms also need spotlighting – but never from above – this will exaggerate dark circles and pallid complexions. And this is not something you will appreciate first thing in the morning!


No home should be without atmospheric lighting.

Naturally, you will want comfort lighting in rooms where relaxation is paramount. Bedrooms and living rooms are ideal candidates for atmospheric lighting.

This might mean soft lamplight and beautifully shaded light fittings.

A number of small, mounted, LED lights around the walls can ensure an ambient effect, which is easy on the eye, but also clear enough to see by.

But kitchens also can benefit from atmospheric lighting. Don’t just plan for the cold, hard lighting to chop carrots by.

Think about adding wall lamps, to foster a cozy atmosphere, or low hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island, to add intimacy.


Feature lighting is shining a spotlight on an eye-catching art work or accessory.

This can have the added effect of making a smaller room look larger – as long as you use it sparingly.

Of course, the eye-catching feature can also be the lighting itself.

Going for something bold – such as a chandelier – can even work in unexpected places, such as the bathroom.

Once again, the secret here is using this sort of effect sparingly.

In smaller rooms, we would suggest you should only have one or two really notable features.

We would recommend hiring a lighting consultant for your new build, to advise you properly.