About Us

We are a web and paper publication, serving the state of Florida dedicated to helping homeowners fulfil their self-build dreams.

Whether it is an extension, a conservatory, a loft conversion, a granny flat or a garage, we help our readers achieve their goal.

The projects we feature are both large and small. From the smallest room makeovers, to entire self-build homes, we are there every step of the way to explain how to do it right.

With regular columnists, including interior designers, civil engineers, construction experts and architects; we can bring every type of professional expertise to your project.

We provide a one stop resource for the homeowner and amateur builder, to find everything and do everything they want to.

This means a complete list of verified suppliers, manufacturers and businesses, to meet our readers’ needs.

If you need to source materials and equipment, then our directory is the place to turn.

Likewise, we publish a list of available and verified contractors operating in the Florida area. To be added to our listings, contact Charlotte today and submit your details.

All the latest news and information concerning self-building and related topics are featured in our monthly issues.

But if this is not soon enough, don’t worry, we also have a weekly email bulletin for subscribers to our magazine.

This provides all the news, as it comes in, concerning anything and everything you need to know about construction in the state of Florida.

In addition to our publication and website, we are also proud to announce our annual convention, this year to be held in Tampa.

Last year’s event was a great success and this year’s looks set to be even better.

We have a great line up of professionals and construction experts waiting to participate in this year’s convention – and attendance is free for homeowners!